January 22, 2012

Marianne Alexander   [to each member]
Board of Trustees
The Pennsylvania State University
205 Old Main
University Park, PA 16802-1571

Dear Ms. Alexander:

I write to you as a Human Resources Professional and Penn State graduate. I believe what I have to say is important and worth your time reading this letter.

Prior to retiring, I was a Senior Vice President of Human Resources and held the highest certification in HR -- Senior Professional in Human Resources. I have a Ph.D. in Organizational Development and have worked in a variety of industries including banking, retail, finance, telecommunications, and non-profits, and, in addition, I was a Human Resources Consultant for an east coast consulting firm.. In all of these HR roles, I was responsible for developing the training for our managers in handling difficult human relations. The very first thing I insisted all managers do was “Get Help.” I explained that meant going to your manager and going to Human Resources or Security. The managers were also told that in particularly sensitive situations, they would not be handling the investigation, but were to maintain confidentiality while the experts handled the situation -- those experts being higher management with Human Resources and/or Security.

Based on my own professional background, Joe Paterno did exactly what I, as an expert in human resources, taught and built into our Policies and Procedures.

Did you, Marianne Alexander, as a Trustee, “Get Help”? It doesn’t seem to me that you did. At least not the right kind of help

I would never terminate an employee who Got Help and turned a sensitive situation over to the experts.

I have been Penn State Proud since I first attended Penn State in 1966, the same year Joe Paterno became Head Coach of football at the University. My friends and family have known me as a Penn State fanatic. My brother, class of ’63, was the same.

That is not the case now.

I know President Erickson has stated that donations to Penn State have remained strong. I have supported Penn State every year since I graduated. You will not receive any additional donations from me as long as this Board of Trustees exists.

In my will, I currently have a major donation earmarked for Penn State. Tomorrow I contact my lawyer to remove that donation from my will.

I am appalled at the treatment you, Marianne Alexander, and the other members of the Board of Trustees, gave Joe Paterno. I am incredible sad, as well as angry. I mourn the loss of a great man—Joe Paterno.

Not so Penn State proud anymore,

Peggy L. Glaser, Ph.D.
(Margaret L. Bauer while attending Penn State, Class of 1970)

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